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1. Spay or neuter your cat. Don't allow it to roam outside. It's really that simple. And tell others to do the same. Spay/neuter rebates are offered by PAWS of Georgina.

2. Volunteer with us... more information.

3. We are always looking for fosters too. Here's our foster application.

4. We often find ourselves with cats that we can tame that can be adopted out. Here's our adoption application.


the Feral Population

We have upcoming Adoptathons on March 30, April 27, and May 25 - all at Pet Valu in Keswick (in the Zehr's plaza). 

You don't have to wait until an Adoptathon... check out our adoptables pages and submit an application now.

We also post all our events on Facebook so feel free to visit us there.


Volunteer Award of Merit

We're very excited to announce that our community contribution was recognized by the Town of Georgina.

We were awarded a Volunteer Award of Merit at a special ceremony on November 27, 2018. 

We have many cats and kittens in foster and ready for furever  homes.  See pictures above for some of the cats available. For details and to see more of the cats we have, check out our Adoptables section

The Lives We Impact


Our first project was a group of 13 cats / kittens at the Mary Brown's in Keswick.  These cats were not truly feral, as they had contact with humans begging for chicken.  All of the cats were trapped, then spayed / neutered and adopted into loving homes.

We have dozens of other cats in need of our help... we get requests for help weekly. But we need your support!

How You Can Help

Do you have a stray cat? Read this for what you should do.

Want to volunteer with us? Here's our volunteer application.

Want to adopt or foster one of our cats? Fill out our adoption or foster applications.

Looking for a "working" cat to keep pests away from your barn/office/industrial space? We have working cat applications too.

Feral cats are not vicious! They are the end result of owned pets who were not spayed or neutered, and then escaped or were allowed to roam.

Responsible pet owners spay or neuter their cats as soon as they become old enough (generally four months), so they don't contribute to the problem.

Responsible pet owners do not allow their pets to roam freely. Outdoor cats can get lost and become one of the many stray or feral cats we get calls about.

This is what a feral cat looks like.

He's not vicious. He's afraid.

​Watch the Kitten Lady's video about feral cats.

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