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We need drivers who can drive cats to the OSPCA in Newmarket around 8:00 am in the morning and/or pick them up from the same place around 3pm.

Foster families:
Sometimes the cats we encounter aren't feral or they're young kittens and able to be rehomed, with a bit of help and patience. If you're interested in fostering a cat so that we can give it a new life, complete our Foster Application. We're always in need of caring fosters.

A safe place for a night or two:

We need a safe, enclosed, temperature regulated place where we can safely house the recently spayed or neutered cat (still in its cage) for a night or two. Do you have a spare room? A garage perhaps? Let's talk!

Donate items:

We also accept donations of Canadian Tire money, or cat food, dishes, litter, toys, etc.

Other Ways to Help