Lexi (above) - 4 months old - Female - Lexi is the third sibling to Katniss & Sawyer. Unlike her feline siblings, Lexi is still very shy. She does hide still, and is quick to jump at loud noises. However, once she is in your arms or your lap she purrs and purrs. She really wants and craves human attention, she's still trying to figure out what it means to be loved and cared for. Living a life outside is not easy for kittens. Lexi will take a patient new fur family - because we know that in a little bit more time, she will be a purrfect companion - given the chance. She has been raised around children and other animals, but Lexi's foster mom says Lexi hides when the kids are around, and comes out for love when they're not around - She would be perfect for a quieter home.

* We do our best to keep this page as up to date as possible, but it's possible we may have missed something.


​​Scout (above) - 3 months old - female - Scout was part of a colony and one of the first kittens that we took in from this area. At first, we were unsure if Scout would be able to be tamed, as she has some initial fearful nights in her foster home. After a few days, she took a complete turn and came right out of her shell once she realized humans could be trusted. Scout is now a complete lap kitten. Scout absolutely loves to be held and cuddled, and she is happy to be around children and other animals. It did not take long for this sweet girl to come around. Scout is ready for adoption today!

Isabella (above)- This beauty has been through hell and back and it will take a special person to be worthy of being her human adopter.

Isabella was at the shelter for several months and thought to be feral because she constantly hid and would not accept any affection.

We were called in to assess and take a look at her. Once at the vet for her spay surgery, it was discovered that she was hiding because she had a massive injury to her back legs and was still in a lot of pain.

Many months of treatment and check ups and she's all healed up. She's still learning to trust humans, but is quite affectionate and playful. Her foster mom says she's doing amazingly well.

Isabella would be good in a quieter home with another friendly cat, but is not fond of dogs. Isabella is spayed, microchipped and up to date on all her shots.

Sawyer (above) - 4 months old - Male - Sawyer and his 3 other siblings were found abandoned by momma cat inside a boat. After being rescued at a very young age, they went to their foster home where since then, Sawyer has become the most affectionate and loving kitten you could ask for. His foster family says Sawyer is the calmest and most comfortable of his kitty siblings, and will come willingly to you. Sawyer has been surrounded by children, dogs, and other cats/kittens and he is accepting and affectionate with everyone! He loves to sleep in your bed and get his licks in before you fall asleep! He will be the perfect addition to any family, especially one with kids and other animals. He is ready for adoption!

Katniss (above) - 4 months old - Female - Katniss is Sawyer's sister, and is very much like her feline brother. She will be the perfect companion in any home, especially one with children and other animals. She is loving and affectionate and purrs up a storm for you. She loves to sleep in her foster mom's bed and take naps with you if you are couch surfing. She is a cuddle monster. You will be lucky to have Katniss join your family! She is ready for adoption!

These are some more of the cats we have available for adoption.

If you're interested in adopting, please fill out our adoption application today.

Jax and Patch (bonded brothers - above):

Jax is a great big brother to Patch. He is patient and tolerant. He is very timid, but is willing to give loves to those who are able to SLOWLY gain his trust. He is accustomed to having other cats around, as well as young children. Although he is timid and unsure, he has never hissed, scratched, swiped or bothered with anyone - he just runs away. He is very playful and enjoys sleeping in the sun. He does NOT like scented cat litter, and will not use it.
Patch is much more reserved. He follows Jax's lead, but still keeps his distance. It has taken more than a year, but at night when the house is quiet he will come with Jax and allow his foster mom to pet him for a few moments. He does fine with other cats in the house, and children as well. He's super playful with the other cats, and any toys he can find. He also will run when confronted and has never hissed, swiped or hurt anyone. Although he did play with the baby's feet - more than once, when they were covered with a blanket and she kicked. He would have to be watched for that if there was a baby in the house.
These two HATE being in a carrier! This is important to note... And, the new owners need to make sure they have a scratching post!

ONYX (above), currently around 3 months old, is a big softy at heart but, is very shy to begin with. She takes a while to warm up to people and often will just slink away to hide and do her own thing if she is unsure of a situation. That being said, when she feels comfortable, she loves being scratched under her chin and behind her ears! She would do well in a quieter home with older or no children and no other pets. She would make the perfect companion for an older person.