Lexi (above) - 8 months old - Female - Lexi is the sibling to Katniss. She's a little more shy than her sibling though. She does hide still, and is quick to jump at loud noises. However, once she is in your arms or your lap she purrs and purrs. She really wants and craves human attention, she's still trying to figure out what it means to be loved and cared for. Living a life outside is not easy for kittens. Lexi will take a patient new fur family - because we know that in a little bit more time, she will be a purrfect companion - given the chance. She has been raised around children and other animals, but Lexi's foster mom says Lexi hides when the kids are around, and comes out for love when they're not around - She would be perfect for a quieter home.

Zuma (above) is a sweet and playful soul. This girl had a litter of kittens while she was a kitten herself, and is smaller than her sister, Skye, as a result. She battled an infection from nursing her babes, but recovered quickly and never let it change her sweet demeanour. She loves to snuggle with her foster fur siblings, especially on the bed! She thoroughly enjoys playing and will find all of the spots where the cat toys are hidden, no matter how high the shelf! She is so spirited and is eager to find her furever family. If you think it is you, fill out an application form today!


These are some more of the cats we have available for adoption.

If you're interested in adopting, please fill out our adoption application today.

Jax and Patch (bonded brothers - above):

Jax is a great big brother to Patch. He is patient and tolerant. He is very timid, but is willing to give love to those who are able to slowly gain his trust. He is accustomed to having other cats around, as well as young children. Although he is timid and unsure, he has never hissed, scratched, swiped or bothered with anyone - he just runs away. He is very playful and enjoys sleeping in the sun. He does not like scented cat litter.
Patch is more reserved. He follows Jax's lead, but still keeps his distance. At night, when the house is quiet, he will come with Jax and allow his foster mom to pet him for a few moments. He does fine with other cats in the house, and children as well. He's super playful with the other cats, and any toys he can find. He also will run when scared and has never hissed, swiped or hurt anyone. 
These two deserve a loving home that will allow them to continue to grow and become confident house kitties. They just need patience and love.





Zack and Fiona (above) are bonded siblings, and around 5 months old.  They are the best of friends and should be adopted together! They enjoy playing together, jumping on each other, biting ears and then curling up together for a snuggle! They are good with dogs. And, they love to PLAY! Zach has a heart of gold and loves to cuddle with humans as well as Fiona.

‚ÄčIsabella (above)- For those of you unfamiliar with her story, Isabella came to GFCC as a stray. We learned that she had suffered a traumatic injury (broken hips) that was not identified until they had healed on their own. She was no doubt in a lot of pain for a very long time and let down by humans so was understandably cautious when we first got her.

But in foster care she has flourished, from a scared and frightened cat that hid mostly, to one that follows her foster feline brother around and enjoys pets from her foster parents.

Isabella loves her foster feline sibling but is scared of dogs. For that reason, we feel it is imperative that Isabella go to a home where there is at least one other, friendly cat and no dogs.
Isabella's hip injury means she receives an extra-strength joint formula supplement (inexpensive, and easily crushed in her wet food at dinner). Her adopter(s) must be prepared to continue with this treatment.
Isabella LOVES her toys. In particular, the stick and string toys that allow her to interact with you! This beautiful girl deserves a loving home where she can cuddle with a feline friend and play all day!
Meet and greets welcome - and encouraged.

Luna and Onyx (above), bonded female siblings around 9 months old.  Onyx (all black) is a sweet girl with her own personality. She loves to eat any and all food in sight, gets her head stuck in small spaces like the top of cups and can trip you up with the love she gives weaving in and out of your legs while you're trying to walk. She is a big suck who likes to keep warm and snug, she can be found hiding under couches, large cushions or even blankets and when you pick her up to cuddle, she'll bury her face right into your arm. She loves playing, hiding and keeping close to Luna.

Luna is the more timid counterpart to her sister. She is not so eager for human affection unless you have something she wants (treats, food, toys, catnip etc) and prefers to be touched on her own terms. 
Because these two have been together from birth, they need to be adopted together. 

Clancy and Clarabelle (above) are bonded siblings. Clancy is the grey tabby - he is slightly larger than his sister & quite affectionate - he likes to be petted & kissed.

Clarabelle is the smaller brown tabby female - she's gradually getting used to be handled.

They are very attached to each other and love playing together and with their toys. They both have excellent appetites and loud purrs. Because of their love for one another, we'd like to see them get adopted together.

Vivee (above), is a kitten about 7 months old with a heart of gold. She loves to be in the middle of all the action, whether she's chasing a toy mouse, or getting pets and cuddles. With only a few quick pets, Vivee's motor turns on and the purrs begin. Vivee enjoys being picked up and held for little bits at a time, and with the help of her furever family, will blossom into a lap cat. Vivee would do best if she's adopted with her foster sister Autumn (see below).

* We do our best to keep this page as up to date as possible, but it's possible we may have missed something.


Autumn (above), female around 7 months old. Autumn is not the scaredy-cat she was when she first arrived. It took lots of love and cuddles but she has come out of her shell. Although she is a cuddle bug with her fosters, she requires a slow approach. Once she gives you a quick sniff, Autumn will welcome all the pets and attention you can give her. Autumn is still startled by loud noises and sudden movements so she would prefer a more mature home with a patient family who will help her finish maturing into a trusting loving feline. Autumn would love to be adopted into a home her foster sister Vivee (see above).