picture of Hudini after he was trapped


We think every cat is pretty special, but how Hudini came into our lives deserves a story of its own.

Hudini was a one of two strays that was found wandering a neighbourhood in Keswick in the spring of 2016. Our volunteer spent two days waiting and watching for him. The few times she got close enough, something would scare him off and away he’d go. It seemed she’d never catch him, and for a while that’s what she really believed. Eventually, Hudini stopped coming around.

Our volunteers are anything but quitters and Hudini, stealthy as he might be, was no match for her. She knew he was in the vicinity and she could sense his fear when she did see him, so she’d stop by every few days to see if there were any sightings. One day, on a whim, she stopped by to chat with the neighbours. She didn't expect to see him, never mind try and capture him. All she had were treats and her wits. While chatting, appearing out of nowhere was Hudini himself. He looked even more frightened and lost than usual. Sure she would get no better chance, she got close enough to him and grabbed him by the scruff of the neck and was able to get him into a cage that one of the neighours had provided.

Yes! We finally had him. However, Hudini was not your average “trap, neuter, return”. The next day, at the vet office, she learned he had a serious infection behind his ear and his cheeks and teeth were in serious need of further investigation. Hudini was given antibiotics for the infection and another appointment was made to xray and biopsy his mouth. After the xray and biopsy, it was discovered that he had several fractured teeth as well. Hudini must have been in incredible pain!

Hudini ended up a regular at the vet and eventually his canine teeth were removed. He’s been on the mend ever since and has been getting better every day. Turns out he’s not feral after all. His foster Mom fell in love and couldn’t bear to let him go - so now Hudini has been officially  adopted by her and will live out the rest of his life without knowing neglect, abuse or loneliness.

This story has a happy ending because of our dedicated volunteers. Your support can help us help more Hudinis.

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