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We need drivers who can drive cats to the OSPCA in Newmarket around 8:00 am in the morning and/or pick them up from the same place around 4pm.

Foster families:
Sometimes the cats we encounter aren't feral or they're young kittens and able to be rehomed, with a bit of help and patience. If you're interested in fostering a cat so that we can give it a new life, complete our Foster Application. We're always in need of caring fosters.

A safe place for a night or two:

We need a safe, enclosed, temperature regulated place where we can safely house the recently spayed or neutered cat (still in its cage) for a night or two. Do you have a spare room? A garage perhaps? Let's talk!

Donations of cash or items:

Cash donations are much appreciated. Our volunteers do not get paid. All money donated goes directly to the care of the cats and their spay and neuter surgery. Vet bills are our biggest expense.

Send us a cash donation directly via etransfer to our email address: georginaferals@gmail.com

We can issue a tax receipt if your donation is more than $20 and you donate to PAWS of Georgina and ask them to put the donation towards Georgina Feral Cat Committee. Thanks so much to PAWS of Georgina for supporting us with this!

We also accept donations of Canadian Tire money, or cat food, dishes, litter, toys, etc.

If you dine at Boston Pizza in Keswick, simply write "For Georgina Feral Cat Committee" on the back of your paid bill and drop it off at the front before leaving and they'll donate a percentage to our cause.

How to Help - Volunteer Application