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Meet Isabella one of Georgina Feral Cat Committee's new arrivals. She urgently requires hip surgery. She was trapped and brought to the animal shelter, where she spent a few months. She was not coming around and was not able to be handled, so we decided to bring her into GFCC and work with her, since shy and feral cats are our specialty. While getting spayed, it was noted that she had extremely limited movement in her hind end and was in pain. We took her to our vet for xrays, which revealed extensive injury to her hips on both sides, consistent with being struck by a car or something similar. Isabella was immediately put on a pain management program, but this is only a temporary solution for her, as the pain meds can cause organ failure. After a consult with an orthopaedic surgeon, it was recommended that Isabella undergo hip surgery on both sides at a cost of $2500 - $3000. Isabella's foster has already noticed a significant difference in her demeanor since starting the pain medication. Instead of hiding in her box, she now comes forward to eat and receive treats when her foster is in the room with her. She holds her head up and is interested in her surroundings. A big difference from when she first came to us. The surgery alone will not totally alleviate her discomfort, as arthritis has set in, but it will make a huge difference for her and allow her a comfortable life.
Since this is really outside our mandate of TNR, we need help funding this surgery. Any donation, no matter what amount will help us get Isabella her much needed surgery. Donations can be sent by email transfer or paypal to
Please contact us if you would like a tax receipt for donations over $20.
Thank you for your help - we can't let this poor girl suffer
Even if you are unable to make a donation, sharing her story will help us raise the necessary funds