One of our volunteers found Billie in a barn in Sutton, crying and hungry, amongst his siblings, who had already perished.

Billie's mom wasn't looking after him. In fact, she had placed him and his siblings in a bucket amongst broken glass and other debris.

Billie was crying... screaming. Given his siblings had already passed away, our volunteer knew we had very little time if we were going to save him.

She knew our best hope for Billie was to find another lactating Mom and hope she would accept him as her own. So she brought him to Abigail, a mother cat who had given birth to five kittens in a backyard in Keswick. Abigail and her kittens were being fostered in Keswick.

Abigail had given birth to five kittens, but one had to be humanely euthanized earlier that day due to irreparable deformities.

Perhaps it was fate. Abigail accepted Billie immediately as one of her own. Within an hour of his arrival, Billie stopped screaming and was snuggled in her warmth and care. All her other babies accepted Billie as well, despite the fact that he was barely half a pound when he arrived and they were all much larger.

Billie stayed with Abigail and her other babies until he was weaned and then was adopted into a loving home.