Sweet Pea and Buddy (above) - Sweet Pea (black female) and Buddy (black and white male) are a bonded pair of siblings thought to be around 2 years old. They have been in foster a long time and we are really hoping to get them into their forever home before Christmas. They are both very sweet and adore attention. Buddy will nudge at you with determination when he wants your attention for pets. Sweet Pea will climb up on you for pets. She also likes to burrow under blankets.

This loving pair would be great in a home with a cat-friendly dog. And they are a source of constant entertainment, as they play wonderfully together and love chasing each other and rolling and play fighting with each other! They love treats, any cat toys and their cat tree as well, where they can gaze outside to their heart's content.

Buddy and Sweet Pea were found outside at around 7 months old so started their life without much human contact. They've made tremendous strides in foster, but their rough start means they are still somewhat timid and tend to run and hide if you move too quickly. They always come right back though once you've settled.

This is a pair of cats that wants attention, and we know they will continue to flourish in the right home with a patient family willing to give them the time they need to break down that last bit of shyness they still have.

​​​​Rosie (above) - I am currently the busy momma of 7 energetic furbabies and now that they have all found homes, it is time for me! I am about a year and a half old, medium long hair Torti with amazing green eyes. When I have a spare moment away from kitten chaos I adore being brushed, and brushed and brushed some more. I love to be petted, have my chin scratched and play with toys (but who has time!!) I will be ready to join you in about 8 weeks once my babies are headed off to their new homes. Are you ready for me?

Yoda and Jag (above) - bonded pair. They are not siblings but are only a few months apart and fell in love while in foster, so we think they'd do best adopted together as they love each other so much.

Yoda is a sweet, timid little girl around 5 or 6 months old. While she enjoys the company of her litter mates, she is also found relaxing on her own. She would be great for a home with older children; she is good with her big dog foster sisters but would appreciate a home that is low key.

Jag, male, 11-12 months is a slightly reserved panther... but he loves pets and belly rubs and is a purring machine. Rescued from the outdoors, we always found Jag in the same tall tree. He loves to climb and perch. He needs a home with some patience for his shyness. He's a very sweet guy but needs time to learn to trust his humans. He needs to be with Yoda or another VERY strong and confident cat to help teach him the way!

Panther (above) is a 10 month old male. He was part of a neglected sibling group of kittens that were kept in a dark, unfinished basement, with very little human interaction, for the first five months of his life. Panther has been in his foster home for the past five months. With love and patience he is learning to trust humans. He has come a long way. He loves playing with his toys. Panther has been neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, deflead, and dewormed.

​​* We do our best to keep this page as up to date as possible, but it's possible we may have missed something.

Kimbo (above) is 10 months old and sister to Panther. She also spent the first 5 months of her life in a dark, unfinished basement, with little to no human interaction. With love and patience she is learning to trust humans. She too has come a long way. Her foster mom says Kimbo is very playful, and likes to swat at you playfully when you go up and down the stairs. She also likes to try whatever food you are eating! Kimbo has been spayed, vaccinated, microchipped, deflead, and dewormed. 

Isabella (above)- For those of you unfamiliar with her story, Isabella came to GFCC as a stray. We learned that she had suffered a traumatic injury (broken hips) that was not identified until they had healed on their own. She was no doubt in a lot of pain for a very long time and let down by humans so was understandably cautious when we first got her.

But in foster care she has flourished, from a scared and frightened cat that hid mostly, to one that follows her foster feline brother around and enjoys pets from her foster parents.

Isabella loves her foster feline sibling but is scared of dogs. For that reason, we feel it is imperative that Isabella go to a home where there is at least one other, friendly cat and no dogs.
Isabella's hip injury means she receives an extra-strength joint formula supplement (inexpensive, and easily crushed in her wet food at dinner). Her adopter(s) must be prepared to continue with this treatment.
Isabella LOVES her toys. In particular, the stick and string toys that allow her to interact with you! This beautiful girl deserves a loving home where she can cuddle with a feline friend and play all day!
Meet and greets welcome - and encouraged.

ADOPTABLE CATS - Please note the below cats are NOT feral. They are all ready to live life as a much loved indoor house cat. We have a separate program for our feral cats.

If you're interested in adopting a house cat, please fill out our adoption application today.

Once we have an application, we can then move forward with trying to find a match between you and the many kittens and cats we have up for adoption.

We are now also on Adopt A Pet. Not all our cats are there yet, but we are making the transition to this platform to showcase our adoptables.

Zuma (above) is a sweet and playful soul. This girl had a litter of kittens while she was a kitten herself, and is smaller than her sister, Skye, as a result. She battled an infection from nursing her babes, but recovered quickly and never let it change her sweet demeanour. She loves to snuggle with her foster fur siblings, especially on the bed! She thoroughly enjoys playing and will find all of the spots where the cat toys are hidden, no matter how high the shelf! She is so spirited and is eager to find her furever family. If you think it is you, fill out an application form today!

Magic (above) - Magic is a neutered male, around 9 months old. Magic tends to be a little shy when meeting new people but don’t let that fool you! He is a very cuddly guy, who loves his ears to be scratched! Magic’s favorite toy is the light up ball that he chases all over the house!